Group Coaching

So Many People Struggle Through Life Wondering…

“What Am I Doing Wrong?”

I Can Say, You Are Doing Nothing Wrong!

In The Years I’ve Been Coaching The Number One Issue I’ve Seen Is The Lack Of Relationship/Life Skills

When we are children we learn math, social studies, language, and my favorite recess. But where do we learn what we need to really know about relationships or life for that matter?

For me it was my parents, the other kids, and sometimes a great teacher would show up and teach me about life, respect, and unconditional love.

Why Is That?

Teaching Moment:

I believe that is the wrong question.

 I see this all the time… On The News.
When they would report the news I kept noticing
the first thing they wanted to do is find out who’s to blame.
Where’s that get us?
I know for me it got me stuck!
Stuck in a life of shame and blame.

If we spend all of our time looking for who to blame, how are we suppose to live life? I do know there are very few of us that have had real learning experiences in relationship and live skills. But that is the past!

Now it’s time! Time to know what those skills are and how to use them in our lives. Some of those skills are…

  • Who Am I? – Most people I coach mimic one of their parents, which creates an invisible wall where you are not seen.
  • Communicate To Be Heard – I’ve seen where people raise their voice thinking that will get people to hear them.
  • Self Image – I know this one was so bad in me that I gained almost 300 pounds.
  • Self Respect – Goes hand in hand with self image, if you don’t like yourself that is what you will show the world.
  • Releasing Trauma – You may be saying… “I’ve never had anything traumatic happen in my life!” Than you must have been living under a rock. Because life happens and a lot of times it stops us from really living.
  • There are many more but you get the point.

Creating a Fairytale Life the
“Traditional”Way is Nearly Impossible!

There I said it. It’s the truth and anyone who has a successful life knows that it is the truth. They also know it’s nearly impossible to do it by yourself. Ask any successful person and they will tell you they’ve had someone in their corner. When you have a group of individuals all wanting the same thing, what do you suppose would happen? 

What are the skills needed to create a life with passion and joy?

I’ve worked with my clients many times to discover the skills the average person lacks. The interesting way they address these lacks is through blame. How their partner, their work, their lack of passion is WRONG! Back to my teaching moment… Stuck in a life of shame and blame.

Are you stuck in that world? Here is a list of a few of the skills many people blame others for. You may see yourself in one of these issues that seem to always show up…

  • Living in B.S. (Belief System) or better yet our partners B.S.
  • Living in the past, seems like everything is compared to the past
  • Defending yourself, becoming closed off from real intimacy, you may go into your cave, or begin to judge others
  • Living without boundaries, giving and giving and never getting anything in return
  • No one hears you. This one speaks for itself
  • Fighting to win at all costs, and it really does cost all
  • Having a partners that is mean and doesn’t care

Did you relate to any of these issues? Most of the time it is a lack of knowing what our real needs are. We get stuck in the blame game where everything is always out of our control. We all have needs, but how can they be met if we don’t even know what they are?

I could go on, but the fact of the matter is that the stories may look different, yet the issues all stem from the lack of understanding how to use the skills needed to reduce the issues that show up in our lives.

“You know how other coaches discuss your issues,
well here’s what I do that’s different…”

It all started with going to the doctor… I went in for a rash and so the doctor gave me cream to smear all over the rash, yet it did nothing to prevent it, so it kept coming back. I was confused as looking at a rash and trying to heal it from the outside does nothing for what really caused it in the first place.

I kept seeing this with relationship therapists also…

When they got a couple into their office for a session, they looked at what was wrong and fixed it, only to find them back into their office a short time later for another issue. This never made sense to me, so I began looking into what it would mean to be a great relationship coach.

What I discovered is that not one of my clients knew anything about the skills needed to create a happy healthy relationship. I was both excited, yet sad at the same time. As I was sad that not one person was taught the skills it takes to be in a relationship, plus no one was teaching life skills.

Look I was there myself, in fact I was married and divorced twice because of the lack of knowing how to be in a relationship. But being the kind of person I am, I started noticing that no one thought that teaching the skills to be important enough to teach, that is until now.

I started with a few of my friends, teaching them the skills and found that some of them thrived and others got divorced. So I felt maybe I was wrong? So I kept improving my learning about the skills that are needed to make a relationship thrive, and what was stopping others.

This is where I had the huge breakthrough!

When I started coaching couples, I found that those that thrived wanted to learn not just about relationship skills they wanted to know about life skills and those that left my coaching really didn’t want anything to change, except their partner. In fact they loved being miserable, so they could blame others for their misery.

But here’s the important part of what I learned….

Even those couples that got divorced had success. What happened was they realized that they weren’t meant to be in a relationship with each other, but they were happy, healthy, and full of passion and joy from learning the life skills that were the foundation of everything. 

This gave me hope and more success in my coaching program.
In fact here’s what a few of my clients have said…



Not only did Roger help me see the value of the transformation that I can help my clients with - more importantly, he helped me connect to my heart and see the value in me. There's a big shift in how I show up in the world now. I'm feeling strong, confident and powerful - ready to make a real difference in the world!

Tonya L


"Roger, as you know we have been fighting for over 16 years, that is until meeting you! Now we enjoy each other and love to play 'Every Day'  Live is so much fun!"

Thanks So Much! Pam G.


"Roger, your program is so easy to follow and use that we now are so passionate that many of our friends tell us to get a room!" LOL

Laurie B.


Now what is so different about this program?

I have been focused on the cause of the issues, instead of the issues themselves and found they all were skills that were never nurtured. Working on an issue is like focusing on a rash instead of what is creating it in the first place.

Plus, getting like minded people together made the learning go twice as fast and actually twice as fun. At first people would say to me; “I don’t want others to know what’s wrong with me!” Only to find out that they actually found a new friend that could relate to them. Building a team that had each others back.

What Do I Get When I Register For Mastermind Skill Development

Here’s What You get…

  • One hour of coaching the first month
  • 3 monthly 90 minute calls 
  • Unlimited emails  
  • Recordings of all calls

Plus… Any training programs I create while you are enrolled you will get as part of the package. 

Many of the issues people are dealing with are…   

  • Fighting fair, to actually solve the problem, instead of creating a bigger one?
  • Learning what their B.S. (belief system) is and how it is the roadblock in their life (You got most of your B.S. from birth to around 7 years old)
  • Yelling or hiding instead of talking
  • Not knowing who you are, thinking you are a copy of one of your parents
  • Not understanding we all have needs, yet do not even know what they are
  • Living in the past, comparing everything with what happened long ago
  • Lack of knowing what you want out of life, just accepting what shows up
  • Defend yourself at all costs

So Now You Have It!

It’s decision time! Are you ready to change your life? If not that’s okay, as like I stated before, some of my clients didn’t change. In fact, they loved being miserable taking what shows up as how life is going to be. And that really is fine with me, as I only want people to invest in themselves if they are ready.


I also want you to benefit from my open heart, I want you to be placed in a group of like minded people. People you can learn to trust and open up with. I do not coach like other coaches. You see when people come to me, they are ready, willing and able to get things moving forward. So I spend one hour with you to determine what it is you want to accomplish and place you in a group that fits you.


Listen here’s the thing…: I coach people to get results, but you
really don’t know me, so you may be in doubt of what I can do and that’s to be expected.  I’m fine with that. I stand behind my coaching completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with how your life begins to change, but if you are not satisfied, we’ll call it quits and you go your way and I go mine and I’ll wish you luck. 

However, for your peace of mind, I create my package to be a monthly payment plan. I ask for at least 4 months commitment. This is for two reasons: #1 You’ll be working with others and leaving them could create a hardship.  #2 Creating a new pattern takes about that long, but you will be allowed to stop at any point, if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Join Now…

For ONLY $60 Per Month! 

I'm Ready! Let's Go!


Yes, Roger, I want to get into a mastermind that fits me! I know working together with like minded people will not only help me develop my skills faster, but it will also allow me to practice them with others that are safe to work with. I want to learn how to eliminate my old useless B.S. and replace it with a new and improved B.S. Plus I want to learn how to fight fair, communicate effectively, learn to trust others, and most importantly I want to create that passionate, loving, and intimate relationship I’ve only dreamed of!

Your Initial charge will be $60 You will then be charged $60 per month for as long as you stay in the program. This link will take you to setting your one hour session with me so we can get you into a group that fits your needs.

$60 Per Month! 

I'm Ready! Let's Go!

Click Here To Work With A Group!

I’m so glad you read down to here, this tells me that you are interested in your own life. I really have so much to offer…

See you on the inside… Until then live in L,P,J,A


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